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From: Mandy R.
"I really appreciate your videos on the internet i had leukemia and after 4 years of clean living and self dependence I've come to realize the truth that you've shown me and my cancer has been cured thank you for all the work you've done
love and may your chakras align

I've read your books and i love your writing 
may your spirit reign free do you still tour?

A couple of friends and fellow survivors of cancer that followed your method and transformed with me were interested in getting some organomutagenesis T-shirts would that be possible? "

From:  Sandie W.

"Our family has always been grateful for your help with
 Jennifer's illness.  I am sorry I did not document the
 The swelling was very apparent in the form of lumps
 on the right and left side when looking at her neck.
 The prognosis was that, based upon the
 determination of the biopsy, they would recommend surgery to
 remove whatever the affected areas were.
 Your arrival to our home with an offer to help heal Jennifer
 and avoid the surgeries was accepted with some
 apprehension.  However, the alternative of surgery was
 frightening for us.  What was necessary was a commitment
 to follow your guidelines for diet and therapy for
 Jennifer.  In order to do that, all of the family
 members had to commit and we did.  I recall you
 bringing a trash can into the kitchen and removing food from
 the cupboards and refergerator.  Afterwords we went food
 shopping and restocked with more healthy food choices.
 You began the program with major changes to Jennifer's diet
 that removed all dairy and meat products and added
 grass/green juice drinks which she enjoys to this day.
 You also added a series of relaxation times that included
 massage and grass juice compresses to her neck and
 throat.  I recall it did not take long to see results,
 perhaps a few weeks.  Within 3 months the swelling was
 gone, her speech and hearing improved, as
  well as her overall health. 
 Much of what you taught us has remained an important part of
 all of our lives.  Thank you."

"...highly original and engaging writing style…this original and thought-provoking book challenges conventional wisdom about how disease occurs."

Deborah Sullivan Brennan
freelance journalist with contributions to the
Los Angeles Times, Wilderness Magazine and Outdoor California

"Almadeus Star Gioeli’s book, Cancer Is Good For You, is an intriguing look into the current medical practices and their efficacy as well as a proposal for “alternatives to medicine” ... Gioeli is a good storyteller and in presenting the scientific basis for this thesis, he does so in an easy-to-read, felicitous way...he provides cogent, logically derived approaches to self-healing, peppered with fascinating stories from his own experience of self-discovery and working to effect healing in others that make for an exciting, intriguing and challenging read ... by inclusion of his personal journey (the book) is a thrilling journey of its own."

Marshall Smith
Journalist, writer, international lecturer in alternative
health and healing, and currently serving as Staff Reporter
for the Idyllwild Town Crier weekly newspaper

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