Today, and for the past several decades, the most intelligent minds in the field of health science have been struggling to understand the phenomenon called cancer. Progress in cancer research has been seriously impeded by the influence of false models. An accurate model will provide an overview that gives light to the inquisitive mind. A false model causes confusion and impedes progress. It would be difficult for any genius to find a way to the North Pole if he believed that the Earth was flat!

Trying to understand cancer by studying malignant tumors is like trying to understand birth by studying miscarriages. Trying to heal cancer by killing the things you do not understand has to be, at best, a questionable approach. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer may be looking for information, begging for answers and pleading for help, but, they must challenge the information, question the answers and evaluate the help.

The talk shows quote statistics that, in spite of trillions of dollars at their disposal, the current conventional treatments are only ten percent effective. The A.M.A. and associated industries and institutions claim that the figure “…must be higher than ten percent.” You have to wonder about the statistics on all sides of the controversy. How many election polls have you seen come up wrong in the end? The biology of cancer is still a mystery to the conventional establishment. But so to are the statistics that they use to inform you of the validity of their frightening and harmful treatments. Mystery and fear still run the machinery of cancer “information” and cancer “treatment.”

The time has come to break through the barriers of this mystery! The title of this book, “Cancer is Good for You,” is the literal premise for a comprehensive understanding of the bio-logic of tumor formation…and remission.

Cancer is not the generation of wild and crazy cells in an otherwise healthy body, as most people believe. The time has come to discard misleading models and premises and to reevaluate our observations in the light of a new premise, a new model, a positive new vision. In a word, this vision is Organomutagenesis.


(the concept to replace Cancer)

Organomutagenesis is:
The body’s attempt to generate a New Organ to correct
unhealthy blood chemistry.

Organomutagenesis is:
A bio-logical, orderly, pro-life response to
unhealthy blood chemistry.

Unhealthy Blood Chemistry is:
The logical consequence of unhealthful lifestyle and habits.

Tumors are:
Potential New Organs to correct unhealthy blood chemistry.

Malignancy is:
The observable consequence of miscarriage (failure)* of

Organomutagenesis is:
Good For You!

*The attempt to manifest a new organ usually fails due to conscious or unconscious interference. The person’s death is due to the uncorrected blood chemistry —not due to abnormal cells. People die…and have cancer, but nobody ever died from cancer.

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